This week was Active School week. We did different activities every day. Every morning we walked to school from the Cathedral and BaunĂ³g. Sometimes we had as many as 90 boys walking together to school.

On Monday boxing coaches came in from the local boxing club and demonstrated two styles of boxing to different classes.

A tennis coach also came on Monday and played games and matches with us.

At lunchtime on Tuesday we exercised to music. When the music was on we exercised and when it went off we took a rest. We also did exercises in our lines after each break before coming back into class.

At lunchtime on Wednesday TY students from St. Raphael’s came and led us in different exercises around the yard.

On Thursday a fitness coach from Oranmore came to lead us in exercise and do fun games. Each class got a turn to go out and run around. It was great fun.

Because it was Active Week, students (and teachers!) were allowed to wear active clothes each day.

We took time each day to meditate also. A mindfulness track was played over the intercom to help us and guide us through what to do and just in case things got a little too quiet we also had Drop Everything And Boogie each day. This meant that music was played over the intercom for us all to dance away to in our classrooms. Have a look below at some pictures of our activities.

Active Breaks:

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Walk a Mile with a Smile

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