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The Nativity

Our class did a Nativity for our Christmas play. These are all the main parts. Darragh was Mary. Noah,Oisin and Davis were shepherds. Ryan, Dasun and Kallum were The Wise Men. Martin was Joseph....
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In maths we did measuring. We measured the class room with meter sticks. We learned that millimetres are smaller than centimetres. We measured the window in the class. We measured our class and the...
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Carol Service

On the 16th December we performed the Carol Service to hundreds of people in St Brendans Cathedral. All of the carolers were from 4th,5th and 6th class in St Brendans and St Itas National school. It...
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The X-Factor

This year we did a Christmas Play based on the X Factor. it was fun and we got to go home early. We also got no homework. It took a long time to learn our lines but it was worth it. The judges were...
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Away with the Manger

This year we performed a Christmas play named Away with the Manger. The main characters were played by Max Agu as Bill, Daryl Howard as Bob and Benjamin Pollock as inspector Clueno. It was a really...
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