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Ceolchoirm Seachtain na Gaeilge

On the 7th of March our school performed our annual Seachtain na Gaeilge concert. First Class began the show with Hot Cross Buns on the tin whistle, then they performed Siorc san Uisce and finally...
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We did art where we drew a portrait of a half human half monster face. We also drew shamrocks with faces. We did life drawings where we looked at a plant and from only that look we had to replicate...
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We are starting to learn gymnastics. We learbed 2 rolls the pencil roll and the duck roll. The pencil role is when you put your feet together with your legs straight and you put your hands up above...
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Mascot and slogan

Our mascot Brendan is leading his band of energisers with our slogan ‘Be Bright, Save Light’. We hope it will encourage pupils, teachers and school staff alike to turn off lights when...
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We are doing LLO which means literacy lift off. We do reading, writing, colouring and also science. We enjoy doing LLO , Ms Fox , Ms McGuiness , Ms Regan and Ms Murray help us with our reading and...
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