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Ceolchoirm Seachtain na Gaeilge

On the 7th of March our school performed our annual Seachtain na Gaeilge concert. First Class began the show with Hot Cross Buns on the tin whistle, then they performed Siorc san Uisce and finally they did their version of the Haka as Gaeilge. Second Class then played the Kerry Polka on the tin whistle more »

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We did art where we drew a portrait of a half human half monster face. We also drew shamrocks with faces. We did life drawings where we looked at a plant and from only that look we had to replicate it with out looking back at the plant  

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Class Activities

We made tablets out of clay. To start we flattened the clay, then we used pencils lollipop sticks and coins to shape our art. After a day of drying, we painted our art. We also learnt an Irish song called An bhfaca tú mo Séamusín? This week we also started our Daily Mile Challenge. This more »

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Away with the Manger

This year we performed a Christmas play named Away with the Manger. The main characters were played by Max Agu as Bill, Daryl Howard as Bob and Benjamin Pollock as inspector Clueno. It was a really funny play with lots of good songs in it. We loved performing it for everyone

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Art class

In the last few weeks we have done loads of fun art activities. We drew blind drawings which were marbley shapes and scribbles that filled the whole page. We made 2 different types of portraits: self portraits using mirrors and abstract portraits. We have also done an art type where you listen to piece of more »

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