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Find out what our 6th class are up to!!!!

Hurling Mini Sevens

The hurling mini 7’s is a tournament we play every year for some of our younger players. This year it was held in Kilconieron. First we played Mullagh and drew. After that we played Leitrim and won. Then we were supposed to play another team but they didn’t show up. Mullagh and Leitrim played and more »

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We made clay pots (based on ancient Egyptian canopic jars) a few days ago which had two different ways of being made. Pinching it was one way of doing it which was a quicker but maybe not as well shaped as the other ways, you just push against the clay until you have shaped it more »

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We did some art on hieroglyphics. Hieroglyphics was the ancient Egyptian way of writing.Over the years archaeologists have discovered an alphabet which is pretty accurate. The hieroglyphics were drawn on rocks and included bird drawings and plenty of other cool drawings, we drew our names or other little messages out on pieces of paper and more »

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Van Gogh art

We did a piece of art called starry night. It was very colourful and had a big lighthouse looking over a little village. We put nice lighting colours and different shades of dark for the sky, they came out very cool but not quite as good as Van Gogh. 

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New G.P. Hall

This year the school has begun work on a new general purpose room for the school. We have not received any funds from the Department of Education and Skills and so the project will be entirely self funded. This, needless to say, will be a huge undertaking, but is necessary as the school is in more »

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