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Operation Transformation 10 @ 10

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As many of you may be aware Operation Transformation is in full swing on RTE 1 and one of the initiatives they have promoted this year is 10 @ 10. This is where they wanted to encourage schools all over the country to become active for 10 minutes on the 10th of February. Being a Health Promoting School and an Active Flag holder we thought that this sounded like a great idea and so all got out in the yard for our 10 minutes exercise. This was so enjoyable we have decided to continue for the rest of the year. SO on the 10th of every month the whole school will be getting outside for some much needed exercise. Have a look at some pictures from the morning below or check out our gallery page for more.

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Christmas Activities

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This year’s Christmas Plays are in full swing this week. The children have been working really hard over the last couple of weeks preparing them and will perform them for each other and their parents this week. Keep an eye on our gallery page as we upload photographs of the plays during the week.

The boys also took part in the annual Carol Service in the Cathedral this Sunday night. Boys from 4th, 5th and 6th classes combined with the girls school to perform at the Carol Service which was also attended by Bishop Kirby. On Monday the boys will perform carols in St. Brendan’s Nursing Home, as they do each year. A very busy and very enjoyable time of year finishes up on Thursday with a half day. The school will close at 12pm and reopen on the 9th of January. The school would like to wish everyone a happy and safe Christmas and an enjoyable New Year.

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Lego Workshop

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This year as part of science week we had a visit to the school from Rob McHugh from Learn it Workshop. Rob and his team brought Lego sets and they worked with each of the senior classes in making some cool machines.

5th and 6th class made motorized buggies and experimented with changing gears and tyres and to see which one would be better suited to getting them to move faster on flat and which would be better suited to getting their buggy up a hill. 3rd and 4th classes made catapults and experimented with making them work in different ways.

Have a look at some of the pictures in our gallery below or visit our gallery page.

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This Halloween we had our annual fancy dress walk to school. teachers and students all dressed up as we made our way through the town from the Cathedral and Banogue walking to school. There some brilliant efforts this year, with some homemade efforts particularly impressive. have a look at the pictures below or visit our gallery

page for more

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Hot Air Balloon Visit

admin : December 7, 2016 11:36 am : 6th Class, News

The National Hot Air Balloon championships took place in Loughrea this year. Almost 40 exhibitionists and their hot air balloons descended on the town for the annual event. We were very lucky to receive a visit from one of the exhibitionists who was happy to show us his basket, burner and envelope. The basket is the part that people stand in, the burner provides the heat and the envelope is the balloon part that keeps all the hot air. He gave us plenty of blows on the burner and warmed us all up on a cold September day. Some lucky boys alos got to stand in the basket with him. Have a look at the pictures below or visit our gallery page for more

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Summer Holidays

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After a very busy year its summer time and time for everyone to take a little break. A very big well done and good luck to our 6th class who have now finished their primary school education and move onto their respective secondary schools. We know you will all do us proud. St. Ita’s senior infants have already been up to visit and we look forward to seeing you all again soon. To everyone else students, teachers and parents, we wish you all a very happy and safe summer and hopefully we’ll see some sun!! See you all on the 1st of September.

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