Global Citizenship

Our  Green  Schools Committee are currently working on the theme of Global Citizenship – Litter and waste. Each month we have a Green School challenge for our pupils , teachers and School...
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Year in review

As the time comes around each January to begin organising our enrollment evenings for next year’s 1st class, it brings with it a time to reflect on all that has been achieved during the year,...
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Carol Service

On the 16th December we performed the Carol Service to hundreds of people in St Brendans Cathedral. All of the carolers were from 4th,5th and 6th class in St Brendans and St Itas National school. It...
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The Easter Egg Hunt !

On Friday the week before Easter our school had an Easter egg hunt! Eggs were hidden all over the field. 6th class had to go last as it would be unfair that the older classes would get most of the...
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Green School Activities

Our Green School Committee oversees the implementation of the Green School programme in our school and is currently working on the theme of Biodiversity. We have already been awarded four Green Flags...
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News Snippets