2nd class showing off all they learned this year. Well done boys!
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School Tour

1st and 2nd class went on school tour on June 13th. First they went to the Galway Aquarium and later to Treasure Island. They all had a fantastic time! Have a look at the photos.
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2nd Class group work

  3D shapes and Magnetism on PhotoPeach 2nd class had fun making 3D shapes with play dough and sticks. They also enjoyed experimenting with magnets.
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Manning Athletics

Congratulations to our athletes who finished in first place in the Manning Athletics competition on Wednesday 3rd May.
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Pancake Tuesday

Pancake Tuesday on PhotoPeach
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News Snippets

  • Congratulations to our 6th class boys who received the Sacrament of Confirmation today.
  • Congratulations to the boys who received their First Holy Communion today.