Peace Proms

This year some boys from the choir are lucky enough to be invited to take part in The Peace Proms initiative. This involves singing with other schools accompanied by the Cross Border Orchestra of Ireland. This orchestra have played all over the world including places like Carnagie Hall in New York and The Royal Albert Hall in London as well as Áras an Uachtarán and Dublin Castle for people like Queen Elizabeth II and President Higgins. This page is here to help you prepare for the concert and answer any little questions you might have. Below you will find videos with actions to the songs that the boys need to know as well as recordings of all the songs and answers to some of the questions you might have. Anyone wishing to buy tickets for the Peace Prom must do so through their website here.

When is it on?
The Concert is on at 2pm on Sunday 31st of January at The Kingfisher Hall, NUIG, Galway
What do I wear?
A plain white shirt, t shirt or polo shirt without any logo or picture on it, dark coloured pants or tracksuit (your school pants are perfect!) and comfortable shoes (these won’t be seen anyway). You also need to bring a pair of sunglasses
What will I bring?
There will not be any holding room so anything you bring must be able to fit under your seat and not be in the way of others. In other words very little! A jacket/jumper to keep warm and a lunch box should do.
When do I need to be there?
The children need to be in position to sing at 12pm for their final rehearsal. This means that they will need to be at the venue at 11:45 latest. We may organise a bus for the boys from the school on the day of the concert which we will inform you of closer to the time.
When do my parents need to be there?
Early! The choir is divided into 3 blocks A,B or C with a section of seating in front of each. If our choir is in the A section but your parents end up in the C section they will not be able to see you. Seating is done on a first come first served basis so if they want good seats and to be sure they are seated in a position where they will be able to see you then they need to be there early. We will know well in advance what section the boys will be in and will have it up here as soon as we do.
Where can I buy tickets/find out more about the Peace Proms?

Here are the recordings of the songs we will be singing

Here are the actions to the songs