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active-schools-flagIn 2015 our school was awarded The Active School Flag. This flag is awarded to schools that promote physical activity within the school community. The blog below shows some of the initiatives that we introduced during the year.



Active Schools Flag Committee:

    • Rory Keame and Odhran Leahy
    • David Asztalos and Adrib Siddik
    • Mati Dziedzic and Brandon Reddington
    • Aaron Dolan and Cathal Keane
    • Lee Murphy and Daniel Adediji
    • Bobby Feeney and Conor Spellman
    • Calum Lock and John Ward
    • Josh Moloney and Tadhg Mahoney



The blog below will keep you up to date on all our efforts!!

10 @ 10

We are currently participating daily in the Operation 10@10 initiative. Click on the link above to take part in some of their workouts.

Active School Week

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This week was Active School week. We did different activities every day. Every morning we walked to school from the Cathedral and Baunóg. Sometimes we had as many as 90 boys walking together to school.

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Let the sun shine!

Ms McTigue : April 25, 2018 9:50 am : Active Schools Flag, Ms. McTigue, News

The sun finally arrived last week. St Brendan’s boys made the most of the good weather by getting out and getting active!

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In February we went swimming. There was three levels beginners middle and advanced .You started in beginners and worked to the top. The deeper side was for stronger swimmers and the shallow end for weaker swimmers .You had to work on breathing,strokes,and lifeguard duty. We left at 11 o’clock and came back 1:30.            





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Rugby Blitz

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On the 15th of March 5th and 6th class went to the rugby blitz. We were separated up into 7 teams of ten. We played against our own teams and Leitrim.  When we were togged out we were given crisps, water and apples.  Nicole from Loughrea Rugby Club was training us for the last 6 weeks getting ready for the blitz. We had lots of fun. 

-The Website Committee 


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FAI Soccer Blitzes

admin : March 16, 2018 1:57 pm : Active Schools Flag, Health Promoting School, Mr. MacLochlainn, Ms. Mahoney, Ms. Murray, News

The school entered the FAI 5 aside school’s soccer blitzes this year. The teams were picked from 5th and 6th classes. We started off with about 50 players and then narrowed it down to 30 and then to 24. The 24 were the school teams of A, B and C. After a week of training we went to the blitz. We went to Salthill, Devon soccer grounds and there we played our matches. Each team played four matches except the A team who played six. The C team lost all their matches the B team won one drew one and lost two and the A team won four and lost two. Our A team got to the final but unfortunately lost. We had a great day out and sang lots of songs on the way home!

-The Website Committee 

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We have regular meetings to discuss new ideas and organise the use of the PE equipment at break and lunch times.
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P.E. Audit:

Members of the ASF Committee carried out an audit of all our P.E. equipment.