The staff in St. Brendan’s:

2018/2019 Staff
  • Principal: Ms. Annette Regan
  • First Class Teacher: Ms. Sinead Murray
  • First/Second Class Teacher: Ms Kate Gallagher
  • Second Class Teacher:  Ms. Carragh McCarthy
  • Third Class Teacher: Mr. Martin Blake
  • Fourth Class Teacher: Ms. Lisa Glynn
  • Fourth/Fifth Class Teacher: Mr. Pearse Mulhall
  • Fifth/Sixth Class Teacher: Ms. Sarah Fox
  • Sixth Class Teacher:  Ms. Foran
  • Special Education Teacher: Ms. Aisling Regan
  • Special Education Teacher: Ms. Sonya Broderick
  • Special Education Teacher: Mrs. Brid Lawless
  • Special Education Teacher: Job Sharing: Mrs. Patricia Callaghan
  • Special Education Teacher: Job Sharing: Mrs. Maria Walsh
  • Special Education Teacher: Ms. Joanna Mahoney
  • Special Education Teacher: Ms. Eimer Lynch
  • Special Needs Assistant: Ms. Aisling Keane 
  • Special Needs Assistant: Ms. Eileen Mannion
  • School Secretary: Mrs. Maeve Joyce
  • Caretaker: 
  • Cleaner:

Staff Dvelopment

There is an excellent record among the members of staff towards individual professional development and staff development. This year’s courses attended include:

  • Scratch Programming
  • Zippy’s Friends
  • Health Promoting School
  • Fifth and Sixth Class Mathematics
  • Developing Mindfulness and Happiness in children and students
  • Using Tablets and Online Tools for Literacy and Numeracy
  • ‘What do you think?
  • Autism: Promoting the Social Communication Skills of Students with ASDs