School Tour

My school tour was on June 15th. The name of the tour was Western Bushcraft Skills. – Jayden

Fionn camouflaged our faces. We all looked like soldiers – Paul.

The tour was in the forest. We had archery with bows and arrows, marshmallows, adventures, friends, games and lots of great fun. – Darragh

I was so excited that I couldn’t wait when we went out of the bus. -Maksymilian

Our teacher was Andrew. He showed us how to do archery and light a fire. I had a great time.-Lee

I was so, so, so, so, so, so tired. I had the best sleep ever. – Bradley.

We ate our lunch on a plank of wood. – John

Archery was the best thing I liked. -Jamie

It was super fun!!! It was one of the best school tours ever. – Luiz

It was a fun and awesome day. -Rolands

My favourite part was the camouflage. I liked that because I liked putting all the dirt on me. – Charlie

My favourite part was adventuring because I like walking in unusual areas. – Sherman

My favourite part of the school tour was the camouflage. When Daniel was on I was hiding behind a big patch of moss with a very wet patch of moss on my head and shoulders. I wish I could go there again. – Dan