The sixth class boys make their Confirmation each year. Here you should find any information you might need to know in order to be fully prepared for the year.

  • The boys will receive instruction for their Confirmation in school during their religious education class each day.
  • It is expected, that the children will receive every help and encouragement from home in receiving this sacrament
  • A particular effort should be made to attend Mass regularly.
  • The parish priest will visit the school regularly to see how the boys are getting on
  • The Bishop of Clonfert; Bishop John Kirby, will visit the class, sometime in May, shortly before the Confirmation to give a presentation to the Confirmandi. It is important that all boys are present and that they are wearing their full (formal) school uniform.
  • There will be 2 preparation masses and the boys MUST attend these
  • Some boys will be picked to do ‘jobs’ at these masses and at the Confirmation Mass itself. Please note that it is impossible to give everyone a job and some boys will not get them. An effort will be made to include as many as possible.

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