March 15th was Proclamation Day. This meant that schools all over the country were going to be raising the Irish flag they were presented with earlier in the year. You can read about our flag presentation here.

The weather was gorgeous as parents, students and teachers, along with Msgr. Geraghty, gathered outside for the special ceremony. Our Grúpa Ceóil started us off with some Irish tunes before the Proclamation of Independence, read by Padriag Pearse in 1916 outside of the GPO, was read aloud by some students from 5th and 6th classes. After this our youngest student, Shane McGrath, who received the flag from member of the army on our presentation day, and our oldest student, Tiernan Killeen, raised the flag to a big round of applause. We then all joined in the singing of our national anthem, Amhráin na bhfiann.

To finish off some students from 5th and 6th read out their own proclamation for 2016. They had worked on this together over the week and it laid out their hopes for the future of Ireland. Our Grúpa Ceoil then saw us out with more lovely music on what was a lovely day for our school and a special day in Ireland.